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(Note: blue booth at far right designed to keep the wind, rain and dust out of the dj equipment. It worked pretty well during the one white-out we had.


Our curator was gifting Piper's Stones at the 2002 Burning Man in the desert of Nevada.


Piper's Stones

Piper's Stones (Ancient Irish Standing Stone Wisdom at Lat: 53 degrees.1, N930 030 in County Wicklow, four miles east of the town of Dunlavin, Ireland) are believed to be similar to Viking Runes. The symbol on these stones is called Lach, showing a wave over a wave (click on Lenny icon above). The description it carries is "Continuous movement and/or flow of universal, life force energy. The never ending source of that energy that is the substance of, and that animates all things."

He gave away over 800 stones with this story: We encourage being in the moment at Burning Man and in life, being in the flow. However, not to flow in the middle of the stream on top of the water where things are often very predictable, but to go where water always goes, to the deepest place possible. Bouncing around things on the bottom, following side tributaries, not going where the largest quantity of water goes, but be open to distraction. If you get distracted but return to the flow, you are going with a plan and not being in the moment. Being truly in the moment encourages going with distraction. Try it sometime. Be truly in the flow, going wherever or doing whatever you are being distracted by or "pulled" toward. Enjoy distraction at Burning Man and in your life. There's real magic there!


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Snail Mail: P.O. Box 12, Brookings, OR 97415-0001