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Deep Heaven 2006

Our giant kaleidoscope

Rock Slide


 ** I found a First Place ribbon tied to the Rock Slide Saturday night. It read:

"#116 by Deep Heaven.
Name: Rock Slide
Event: Burning Man 2006
Class: Art that most changed my perspective
Date: Saturday

There is a 2' square yellow diamond reflective road sign with a yellow solenoid blinking light, that goes on at dark and during any whiteout, adhered to an a-frame highway stand (purchased, not stolen.) To fulfill the "fear" part of this year's theme, the sign reads "Danger Rock Slide Ahead".

Taking about a 100 yard walk out onto the Playa, you will find a children's slide, also with a blinking yellow highway light and reflective tape on the sides.

To fulfill the "hope" portion of the theme, there will be a lot of rocks, each one with the word hope written on it.

The instructions on the slide will suggest that visitors take a rock, visualize their fear, and put it into the rock. Place the rock on the top of the slide on its edge and let it tumble down the slide into hope.

If it lands face down, you need to do this with greater intention and come to Deep Heaven to amplify the positive. If it ends face up, the universe has granted you hope. The rock has transformed your fear to hope and it is yours to keep. You can still come to Deep Heaven to amplify the positive even more. 

Visit Deep Heaven. Look for the giant heart and adjoining temples at 4:40 and The Esplanade. We're open 24/7 with calming music and atmosphere for your relaxing enjoyment. 

Deep Heaven Playshops
Held in the large Temple located at
4:40 and The Esplanade








The ME Show

Dreamer til 8p

Poetry til 4p

Ramadan Das


The Land

Dreamer til 8p

Poetry til 4p


8 - varies

Intimacy til 9:30


Intimacy til 9:30


Awakening the Dreamer - Changing the Dream - Blue - Confronting: the impossible depth of the compound crises we've created and are rushing into on this planet, and the unparalleled opportunity for transformation, the compelling need, even emergency (as in something incredible emerging) to create the luscious, compassionate, comprehensively healthy and prospering planet we've always wanted in the heart of our hearts! The symposium has been developed by the Pachamama Alliance, and draws upon the powerful technological tools we have, as well as inviting in indigenous wisdom and compassion. 2-8P, Th

Intimacy on the Playa/HAI community night - Tasha and Weather, presenters for the Human Awareness Institute (HAI). 8P W, F Looking for a Deeper experience at Burning Man? Wanting to make stronger connections with people? Come be the change!

Experience real intimacy and connection with others in a spirit of openness, playfulness and freedom. This unique playshop will guide you Deeper into your own heart, and then into powerful connections with others.

The Land We're Walking On - Michael. A discussion about the place that the playa is – that is its geologic history and a bit of the natural history of the spot we call home for the week. How it came to be a playa, what went before, the native peoples etc.

The ME Show - Fresh. A two hour workshop where it really is all about you. We will begin to explore identity and persona by telling some of the stories of our lives. This is a fantastic first step towards creating a solo theatrical piece for presentation or simply understanding that you are the playwright of your life. Using creativity exercises and improvisation you will have the chance to examine the life you have written for yourself up to now and be empowered to create your soul satisfying next act. There will also be an opportunity to perform your story at the "This One Time, At Burning Man..."stage at Harper's Bizarre in Burning Silicon. 2P, W

Morning Continuum Movement - Tasha. Open your day connecting to your fluid core. Dive into movement, sound and breath that spirals you to touch your authentic self. Curiously inquire into what is actually occurring in your body. MOVE with your hope, your fear, your joy and your truth. Please bring a mat or blanket for your moving comfort. 10-11A, W, Th, F, Sa

Poetry Playshop: Hope, Fear, Love and Poetry - Sproutman
This playshop will explore the duality of hope and fear that resides in love, using poetry as the vehicle for exploration. We will recite, create, and contemplate love poems in exercises and performances meant to illuminate how seeking, falling, or being in love (romantic, spiritual, brotherly/sisterly, or motherly/fatherly) inspires and elicits great hopes (of rapture, fulfillment, and bliss) and great fears (of disillusionment, loss, and despair).

Deep Deeksha with Ramadan Das.

Great Web Sites

www.flickr.com - Search "People" for Playa Jewel
currenttv.com/burningman/ - Burning Man TV
images.burningman.com/index.cgi?q_keyword=&q_year=2006&q_category=&q_photog=&go.x=8&go.y=8 - Burning Man Photography


Here's another downloadable version of the 06 Satellite map. If you don't have a flickr account, this link might be easier: www.flickr.com/photos/gatecrasher/237120629/

Here's a link to download the full resolution image: static.flickr.com/62/237120629_ed2e1fb5a1_o_d.jpg

Here's a good one of 05: www.spaceimaging.com/gallery/ioweek/archive/05-11-06/burning_man_poster_1280.jpg

Even Google Satellite has Burning Man on it (it's a pretty old picture though): maps.google.com/maps?q=Gerlach,+NV&ie=UTF8&z=15&ll=40.753174,-119.237065&spn=0.021586,0.052271&t=k&om=1&iwloc=A

 Nothing forces us to remain what we were. - John Berger

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Snail Mail: P.O. Box 12, Brookings, OR 97415-0001